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The links below open in a new browser window.

http://www.customsweets.com This site is where you can get custom chocolate molds made for your company or family event.

http://www.takeacard.com This is an invention of ours that allows a business or person to post 20 business cards in a special plastic holder on notice boards, car windows, house windows, framed artwork, and more.

http://www.diskpublisher.com We publish CDs and DVDs on a "Disk on Demand" basis. This a fantastic way to go for anyone that has the need to publish to CD Rom or DVD but cannot afford to publish minimum runs of printed and packaged disk.

http://www.xldcards.com This is our new dedicated site for our gift greeting cards that can include great software inside of the greeting cards on CD or on USB Keys.

http://www.moldstoreusa.com This site is where we have published quite a few of our plastic formed molds for concrete, chocolate, soap, plaster, and other materials.

http://www.plasticformingmachine.com This site is a presentation of our own plastic forming machine that we manufacture ourselves. Nothing to date can compare to what this machine can do and the amount of time savings and ease of use.


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